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The brain is more active at night. 

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Dara dancing the choreo to the new song

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First of all, hope we "blackjacks" can calm down and just continue to support the group. The group, meaning all four members, the four amazing women that form 2NE1. I’m a blackjack and as one, I love my babies. As many of you, I also have a bias, so yes, I’m a Daraling. That doesn’t mean that I just support her and hate the others. That’s just ridiculous(1).

Let’s just please stop blaming each other (CLassifieds, Bomshells, Daralings & Minjas) for all the hate that are spreading within our fandom. It hurts and It’s stupid because certainly we are supporting the same group that is 2NE1. Let’s unite and defend our girls. Let’s not react to “tumblr confessions” because they are the source of most of the hate and negativity. Plus they can perfectly be from anyone who bothers to put his/her “confession” (haters, trolls, fans of other group, fans of certain member….) It’s so stupid to point fingers and act like know-it-alls and even have the audacity to be so sure, be so certain about it and start blaming. That just led to more hate, complications, misunderstandings…inside our fandom. Really ridiculous!(2) =>

badboys-soldiertypeThe most hate has been coming from Dara fans. Yes, I’m singling you out and don’t you even dare to deny it because I can put in a couple of words in those little search boxes on both twitter and instagram and lay all your hating comments before you, dear Daralings. But let’s be real, the one thing you people are really pissed about it is how much she’s been hanging out with GD lately and that’s putting dents in your ship. 2NE1 isn’t doing anything right now meaning they’re free and what CL does and who she hangs out with in her own time is none of our business. Not mine and not yours. You don’t know her so you have no right to be calling her clingy, boyfriend stealer, coat tail rider and whatever else you call her. CL is not a part of your delusional world. Ship all you want but leave her out.


Apparently this sir/ma’am seems to “know” for sure where the “hate” comes from. He/She also knows from whose fans comes every hate confessions. Certainly he/she is so suuuure that we can’t deny her theory (yes theory, accusation…whatever you call it, cause indeed they are not facts). Well whatever that’s his/her opinion, congratulations you seem to know it all, so smart! *applauding you* Thanks for singling us, Daralings out ^_^ Way to generalize. It’s good to see camaraderie within us, blackjacks. Now I won’t even bother for you to prove it. Ehh, that’s just childish!


Also apparently it’s easier to imagine that all the hate and negativity comes from inside our fandom, rather than….hmm, let’s see….maybe thinking it comes from another fandom, trolls, pathetic people. NOooo because clearly it comes from Daralings! Heaven forbid, it can possibly comes from another fans, tsk. *wanting to slap, double kick, more kicking and things involving baseball bat, hammer and fingers…..but better not...thinking of chocolates, ice-cream, tree-houses, cute babies—-> paz, amor, tranquilidad, y mas love, love love* (yeah that’s right CL…ya quisiera ser tu y tener el objetivo enfrente, preferentemente una cara, ja!)



I just want to say that agree!!! Report that hater! Just pointing out that I can pretty much pretend to be a fan of whoever idol in twitter: just putting a photo of my suppose idol as my avatar/background and then praising her/him and claiming to be her/his fan by trolling, lying and then if I want  I can pretty much be a hater by starting to bash, insult, target another idol/group…Voila! Fácil, now you get a hater-supposedly a bias fan. That’s so immature and a total waste of time imo, but ehh! anyone can do it if they like to.

Back to the point, we share the same opinion about certain points: that it is ridiculous(3) and pathetic of many to envy and hate on a member just cause she’s getting attention and having individual appearances and activities. Every one of my babies is amazing, every one of them deserves attention and each deserves to shine. Let’s just be happy for them and be so f* proud. Also it’s good to see the girls doing something, cause I miss them, and if for now I can’t get them as a group, then I’ll take whatever they give us as a treat.

I have observed what each of our girls potentials and limitations are, my bias especially. And honestly I for one, won’t be getting insecure or hating on the fact that “CL, Bom, Dara, Minzy”, is the one doing this or that. I’m so proud that CL was the one with Hayi, that she wrote her own rap, and owned the bit of stage time she was given like a boss. But sure I hope to see more activities for our dear maknae too, cause in my opinion, her and CL are overall (dancing, singing, rapping, stage charisma) the ones with the most potential. 
Also I get that lately our dear leader CL is the one getting hate the most. And sometimes it’s getting so much that it’s hard to calm down and ignore them. It’s hard not to face and confront the haters. Of course we want to defend her and our girls. But the truth is each one of the girls are getting hate. Bom for plastic surgery and live performances; Minzy for sexy dancing and her butt movement; Dara being untalented, annoying, childish, attention seeker and CL for shouting, her fabulous clothes, friends….etc. That is what we usually get since….. I understand though that now the haters are focusing on CL, that’s cause she’s getting noticed and envied for getting prettier and awesome. But actually the all-time-hated ¿? is Dara imo. She’ll never be good enough for others and even within blackjacks, vips, yg family, she’s the most hated one. The untalented pretty face who is always getting singled out by every argument concerning YGE being the company with talented idols, cause they consider her untalented (her and sometimes Seungri *my poor babies*). And even her fans are the most hated ones, not just for being so vocal of their love and shipping her but also cause they are immediately tagged as DaraGon shippers. This is not a pity party of who’s getting hated the most-bohooo. NO. Just stating my observation. My girls doesn’t deserve hate. Doesn’t deserve being criticized by immature people whose only reason is to spread bitterness. Our girls deserve our LOVE and support!
Lol, it says love is over but…I couldn’t find another gif
Anyway I prefer the hate to focus on the fans instead of the idols for something he/she have nothing to do about. If your problem is with the fans, don’t involve the idols, don’t make their idols pay for it. It’s ridiculous(4) to say "I hate/I want to hate/I can’t get to like  *insert name idol/group* cause her/his/their fans are *insert negative adj.*" NO. Absolutamente patético y inaceptable! Si te gusta el artista, pues te gusta y punto.
  • Just a tidbit: about shipping Dara and the seemingly “common knowledge” that DaraGon shippers are Dara’s fans aka Daralings -> [Applers = just Daralings] -> excuse me WHAT?!? Ugh! (dar por hecho eso es una ridiculez y una tontería tan grande….haayy las personas de verdad, tsk tsk!) :
  1.  I won’t deny that a great portion of DaraGon fans (Applers) are Filipino but not all of them are. That also doesn’t mean that they are Daralings. (Filipino ≠ Daraling) People tend to think that just because someone is a Filipino he/she is a Dara biased. NO, just NO. Lo entiendes!?!? Que quede claro. Actually, from what I see in twitter, from the people I stalk (yes stalk, cause I don’t use my twitter and I’m one of those calm/peaceful/lazy fans that just simply spazz, like or reblog from tumblr) the Applers I encounter are more of Vips than Blackjacks. Sure they love our girls but they actually worship their oppas more. They are spazzing about their oppas body parts. A bit creepy but cute. They are pretty fun people and major perverts. And NO! I don’t see them hating on CL (or any other member), they are actually calling her “queen” and spazzing about her awesomeness. And they pretty much defend our girls from all the hate. Maybe I just stalk some awesome-cool-loyal-wonderful-perverted Applers. I don’t get why they get all the hate every time. 
And yes it’s true that Daralings ship Dara with anyone, (anything, anywhere) that it’s borderline annoying. They ship her with male or female idols, with side-cut (curly, straight, bob cut) hairstyle, with Etude, with Clio, with her manager, with her cat, with her car, with her brother (=.=)….lol. We, some Daralings are really weird (I don’t want being generalized as a blackjack, yg family fan, and a Daraling so I put “some”) but we don’t harbor hate, resentments, jealousy…towards the rest of the members. That’s just ridiculous(5). We respect others. Some may be fans of GD or whoever idol, but as Daralings, we don’t care, we just want to support Dara and her happiness and the people who she loves and respect. Get it! As Daralings, we won’t like to hurt someone that our idol loves and appreciates and considers as her family. Plus, me as a blackjack, I respect my girls loved ones. Even though I might not like some of their friends but I respect them.
  • *I named this ridiculous(6): cause it’s 5am and I’m ridiculous(7) at this hour (pensad lo que queráis, no me importa), cause I think it’s pretty accurate regarding all the ridiculousness(8) and absurdity that are happening in our fandom lately. Because It’s ridiculous(9) that me, being a lazy bum contented with just exploring tags has actually written this long…whatever-you-want-to-call-it (it’s ridiculously(10) long that I’m pretty sure it doesn’t make so much sense anyway, I actually pretty impressed that I wrote something this long and pretty fast too). Because I spend more time choosing and searching gifs and images to put in the post wanting for it to look at least beautiful, in case it’s not at all readable. Because I couldn’t think about a title and even though it’s optional I want to put a name on it, I know what you’re thinking (lol I so undlike the sir/ma’am from quote post believing to know it all) yes okay I’m no Einstein -_- I have no life. It’s sad…not really -.- lol. Ehh, whatever. No me importa. Because ridiculous(11) is the first word I thought after reading some posts. Because this seems like those long ass posts talking about stars being part of Illuminati and their theories and evidences, that I hate scrolling through while exploring tumblr tags. Also because I also find my post and myself ridiculous(12), but whatever It’s done anyway and apart from admiring VH’s coachella outfits (my favorite is the white one) and lovelife (cuties <3) there’s nothing to do at this hour, well yeah, sleep but...no puedo dormir
Anyway I love my babies and I hope they comeback soon. For now let’s enjoy their music. Perhaps once they make their comeback we can sort of restore/fix/mend/repair the bonds that unite our fandom and to find the significance and the basis of what made us call ourselves as blackjacks in the first place.
Obviously not mine, so credit to the owners of the pics/gifs.
Adios! BYE!
Title: UnknownTake The World On
Artist: UnknownWill.I.Am ft. 2NE1
Album: UnknownIntel - Ultrabook Song
Played: 79 times

"Take The World On" - Will.I.Am ft. 2NE1

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Title: UnknownI Don't Care (Unplugged ver.)
Artist: Unknown2NE1 feat. G-Dragon
Album: UnknownI Don't Care (Unplugged ver.)
Played: 79 times

"I Don’t Care" (unplugged version) - 2NE1 ft. G-dragon

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…and then there’s Dara

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Thunder’s nightmare

Chaera being adorable 

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Etude Dara <3


Dara’s Hairstyle 

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LOL at cutie Dara <3



Dara:Where do I hang this?Eh,how do you do this?I haven’t use this before.

<after few seconds later dara gave up>


Bom:Aren’t you stick it up?

Dara:I don’t know how to stick it.


Bom:I’m just sticking this up here.TADA!


Dara:Oh!Were you supposed to stick it on the mirror?Before I tried it on the wall and it didn’t work.


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One of YG’s qualifications: Be cute (smiling eyes).